Deploying the Process Apps



IMPORTANT!  It is necessary to deploy the process apps in the following order:

  1. Global Process App (eval)

  2. Dev Change Requests

  3. ALM Projects

  4. Dev Tasks

  5. Dev Packages

  6. Dev Control Orchestrations

  7. Quality Center Connector

To deploy a process app:

  1. Open SBM Composer

  2. Open the Process App.

  3. From the Composer menu, select Deploy | Deploy

    You may receive a message informing you that certain process apps need to be deployed first.


    If you have already deployed the applications mentioned, click Yes.

  4. In the Deploy Process App menu, select the environment you created above

  5. Click Deploy.

  6. To view the status of the deployment, see the message list.


    You can also use the Deploy and Quick Deploy buttons on the toolbar.

  7. Check in the elements of the process app by right-clicking it and selecting Check In. Click OK in the Check In dialog box.

For further details of working with process apps, see the SBM Composer Guide.