Checking the Configuration

To check the configuration is working, you can verify that items created in SBM create the corresponding items in Dimensions CM, and optionally, HP Quality Center. For more detail about these steps, see the Serena Development Manager Getting Started Guide.

To test the creation of tasks:

  1. Open the SBM User Workspace by entering:


    In a Web browser

  2. as the relevant user, for example josh (Development Manager) or mira (Project Manager).

  3. Create a project of type Innovation. (You need to log in as Mira to do this).

  4. Make sure you have selected a value for CmProduct and CmProject. To do this you will need to log in as Josh after you have created the project and edit it to select values for CmProduct and CmProject

  5. Create a dev change request of type Defect related to the this project. (You need to log in as Josh to do this)

  6. Create a Task of type Development related to the above dev change request.


  7. Select the CM tab. The value of the field CM_ID should contain the corresponding request ID from Dimensions CM. You may need to wait for a period and exit and reselect the Task


  8. Return to the parent CR.

  9. Select the Quality Integration tab. If you are using Quality Centre, the value of the field Quality CRshould contain the corresponding value from QC.


  10. Move the CR to Complete.

  11. Create a Dev Package and associate it with the dev change request created above.

  12. Create a standard baseline for the Dev Package.

  13. After the processing is complete, the Current Baseline field should contain the ID of the Dimensions CM baseline.