Included KPI & Metric Reports

Serena Dashboard includes graphs on several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are relevant to most development organizations. These graphs are configured to work directly out-of-the-box with the default Development Manager configuration. The Dashboard pulls data from the following sources:

The following KPI and metric graphs are included.

Build Success Rate

This graph displays the percentage of builds that completed successfully. This data is pulled from Dimensions CM. For example:


You can click the graph to see information about specific builds, including the name of the Dimensions CM build configuration, when the build stopped, and whether it succeeded.


Defect Escape Rate

This graph displays the percentage of defects that are escaped. These are defects that were reported by users or customers, that were not found by internal testing.

Project Defects Found / Project Defects By Month

These graphs (Project Defects Found and Project Defects by Month) display, in different colors, the number of active and inactive defects either for particular projects, or found on from month to month. The following is an example of Projects Defects Found.


Development Packages

This graph lists the number of development packages in each project defined in ALM Projects. These packages are associated from the Dev Packages process app.


Project Change Requests

This graph displays the number of open change requests against projects defined in ALM Projects. The change request count is pulled from the Dev Change Requests process app. The change requests are color-coded according to their current state, such as Planning, Ready for Build, Ready for Work, and Complete.


Project Status

The project status graph lists all current projects in the ALM Projects process app and displays their status as green, red, or yellow. This graph also lists the state that the project is currently in. You can click a project name to drill down into project state, start date, and end date.