Getting to Know Dimensions CM

With Dimensions CM, you can manage your source code assets by collaborating on shared development projects and streams with your team members. You can synchronize your local workspace with Dimensions CM, automatically delivering your changes to the shared repository, as well as copying other users’ changes to your workspace. With Dimensions CM, you can collect files related to a milestone, such as a release build, into a baseline that can be deployed for testing or release.

With Development Manager, you can synchronize tasks from the Dev Tasks process app running on Serena Business Manager to Dimensions CM requests. Developers can then work on tasks in context of their favorite integrated development environment (IDE). Dimensions CM provides a number of different clients to choose from, to best suite the different working styles on your team. You can use the Dimensions Web client, desktop client, IDE clients, or even command-line clients dependending on what best suits you.

To get started learning more about Dimensions CM, please see Getting Started with Dimensions CM.