Creating New Dimensions CM Baselines

You can create new Dimensions CM baselines from the Dev Packages process app. When you create new basslines, you choose which change requests from the Dev Change Requests process app to associate with the new baseline. You can also create a new revised baseline.

To create new Dimensions CM baselines:

  1. From a development package that is in the Create Package state, click the Create Baseline button.

  2. Enter the baseline name in the Baseline Name field. This is the name that will appear on the baseline in Dimensions CM. This must be defined in all capital letters.

  3. In the Selected Design Part field, click the Get Design Parts button to list all options. Select a design part from which to scope items selected for the baseline..

  4. In the Selected Baseline Type field, click the Get Baseline Types button and select a baseline type.

  5. In the Selected Baseline Template field, click the Get Baseline Templates button and select a baseline template.


  6. Search for change requests that you want to associate with the baseline, by selecting them in the Change Requests for this Baseline field.

    Tasks associated with these change requests are in turn related to corresponding tasks in Dimensions CM; and files that have been updated in Dimensions CM in response to those tasks will be included in the baseline.

    To use this field, enter part of the name of the change requests and click the Find button to locate them. Then select the required change request and click the arrow to move them to the right-hand list 

    If that doesn’t work, click the view_crs_button.gif button. On the dialog box that appears, click the Lookup button to display a list of all available change requests, or enter a specific ID or title in the Item Id or Title field.

  7. If you are revising an existing baseline, you must complete the options under Revised Baseline Settings:

  8. Once you create the new baseline, it will be associated with the current package.

  9. Once the baseline has been successfully created in Dimensions CM, the dev package will be transitioned to Review and Verify. At this point the Build Manager will verify the baseline and either select Failed Verification, meaning that another baseline will need to be created for the dev package, or select Verified, meaning that it is Ready for Build.