Creating New Change Requests

You can submit a new change request by clicking the Submit area on the left navigation pane, and then clicking one of the submit links. For example, click Browse and Submit to a Project under Advanced Tasks to browse the project tree and choose the correct project to submit to.



NOTE  The project in the project tree to which you are submitting in this case is an SBM Project and not an ALM Project. You choose the ALM Project to associate with the dev change request in the Associate to Project field when you are creating it. Alternatively, do this by first selecting the ALM Project as described next.

You can also submit change requests from the ALM project in the ALM Projects app. For example, select Search for an existing ALM Project, complete the search page and click the Search button. Select the required ALM project, click the Change Requests tab, and click the Create Dev CR button.

When you submit a new change request, a form appears. Note that users with different privileges may see more fields on the submit form.

You set a number of core properties for the request. You can set most of these later on; only the fields with red labels are required. You can set options such as: