Key Benefits of Development Manager

Serena Development Manager enables you to orchestrate and monitor your key software development efforts, tracking source code changes and approvals through a central workflow engine. Development Manager uses Serena Business Manager (SBM) to coordinate events across your systems using Web services, integrating application project definition, source code management, test management, and release approvals. Track and report on development progress using the included dashboard solution, providing comprehensive decision-making support to managers and directors who need the latest information at all times on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Serena Development Manager helps you to conform with CMMI standards by enabling you to establish and maintain an organizational policy for planning and performing your processes and make them visible to relevant members of the organization. It helps you to create organizational expectations for establishing and maintaining baselines, tracking and controlling changes to work products under configuration management, and establishing and maintaining integrity of those baselines.

Serena Development Manager provides the following benefits. You can choose which of these options would be helpful for your organization, and configure and customize the workflow as needed based on your work practices.