SBM Workflow for Change Requests

  1. Planning: During this state, the Product Owner and Development Manager define the content of change requests based on the requirements for the project. If more information is needed, the request can be moved to the Request More Info state and a request for more information sent directly from SBM. Once the request is approved, it can be moved into the Ready for Work state.

  2. Under Work: Developers can now work on tasks associated with the request. As work is complete the developer checks updated source code files into Dimensions CM. Once this work associated with the request (and its related tasks) is ready to be compiled and tested, the request is transitioned by the developer to the next state.

  3. Ready for Build: At this state, the build engineer starts a build using the code that was created or updated during the Under Work state. When the build successfully completes and the request is ready to test, the build engineer transitions the request to the next state.

  4. Ready for Test: The QA staff can now test the code that was developed and compiled to satisfy this change request. The QA manager or responsible QA engineer transitions the request to the Testing state. Testing is then managed in HP Quality Center. If a test fails in the test case management system, the request is returned to the Under Work state. When testing is complete, the request can be transitioned to the Test Complete state, and then to the Complete state.