Serena Dimensions CM 12.2.2 - Important Information About this Release

This document contains important information about the 12.2.2 release of Serena Dimensions CM.

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What's New in Serena Dimensions CM 12.2.2

IDE Baseline Creation

You can now create baselines from the Eclipse and Visual Studio integrations. You can create the following types of baseline from any project or stream in the repositories you are connected to:

Product-Specific IDE Upload Rules

It is now possible to define product-specific upload rules for an IDE. You can create default upload rules for an IDE for a specific product based on a selected product’s upload rules.

Enhanced performance for Tip and Revised Baseline Creation

Performance has been enhanced for the creation of tip and revised baselines involving large numbers of items.

Common Tomcat Installation

The installer now detects whether the common tomcat is already installed and re-use it instead of installing another one. For example, if Dimensions RM or Development Manager is already installed, then the installer for Dimensions CM is able to determine this and use the same instance of Serena Common Tomcat for Dimensions CM.

SSO Login for Build/Admin

SSO login is now enabled for Dimensions CM Build Administration. This enables users to view build logs from Serena Development Manager.

Updates to cm_typical Process Model for Serena Release Manager

The baseline lifecycle and the Global Stage Lifecycle in the cm_typical process model have been updated to match the default processes used in Serena Release Manager.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8 and IE 10

This release of Dimensions CM provides support for Windows 8 and Microsoft IE 10 for client platforms.

Support for SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is now supported.

IDE Support

The integration for Dimensions CM is now supported for Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2, including support for running these versions of Eclipse on new platforms: Mac OS X 10.7 and Windows 8.

CAC authentication support is now available on 64-bit Windows for 64-bit Eclipse.

Visual Studio 2012 is now supported.

User Documentation Enhancements

The following Dimensions CM books have been renamed:

The following web services and ALF events guides:

have been merged into the Developer’s Reference.

The ChangeMan DS Migration Guide has been merged into Migrating to Dimensions CM.

The information in the Developer’s Reference relating to build templates has been completely rewritten. There are now three new chapters:

Fixed Issues

Software Compatibility Requirements

Installation Notes and Issues

Known Issues