Release Package Workflow


Release packages follow this workflow out of the box with Serena Release Manager. This can be tailored as needed to meet the needs of specific organizations.

The release vault workflow is here visualized as a series of steps spanning several stages: Start, Development, Integration, Staging, and Production. We will look at each of these swimlanes in turn.


The development package is created.


The release manager defines development change requests, deployment tasks, and deployment units, gradually assembling the components to be releases. When the release is ready for deployment, it can be approved, which transitions it to the Ready for Deployment state. From here, it can be deployed for integration testing, to staging, or into production.


During integration testing, the package is deployed to the integration testing environment, then tested. If testing is successful, it enters the Ready for Staging state.


During staging, the package is first deployed to the staging environment (if this fails then the package enters an exception state and re-deployed). While in Staging, the release is tested. If it fails testing, it enters an Exception state and is redeployed with fixes as needed. If testing succeeds, the package moves into the Ready for Production state, and it is then deployed.


The package is deployed to production and the workflow is completed.


When certain events fail, the package enters into an exception state until the issue can be resolved.