What is the End-to-End ALM Lifecycle?

The following diagram illustrates an example end-to-end Serena Orchestrated ALM lifecycle.


Lets take a look at specifics for each lifecycle stage, in order to better understand how Serena Orchestrated ALM solutions plays a role.


Serena O-ALM Solutions


Project Approval

Serena Service Manager / Serena Request Manager, Serena Development Manager

  • The Business Manager uses Serena Service Manager to manage incoming demand. Then, using Serena Request Manager, the Business Manager can create change requests to start implementing the work.

  • The Project Manager creates a new project in Serena Development Manager for this work.

Analysis, Definition

Serena Release Manager, Serena Requirements Manager, Serena Test Case Manager, Serena Development Manager

  • The Release Manager creates a release train (with calendar) and release in Serena Release Manager.

  • The Business Analyst defines requirements in Serena Requirements Manager based on the original change requests.

  • The Quality Assurance team then creates a test plan and test cases and suites using Serena Test Case Manager.

  • The Product Owner then generates development change requests in Serena Development Manager based on the requirements.

Develop, Test

Serena Development Manager, Serena Test Case Manager

  • The development team implements changes by working on tasks in Serena Development Manager. The tasks are synchronized to Dimensions CM, where developers can check files in and out using their IDE.

  • The build engineer runs regular builds.

  • QA tests the builds using Serena Test Case Management.

  • When the project is ready, the Management Team transitions it to the Ready for Release state in Serena Development Manager.

Product Test

Serena Test Case Manager, Serena Development Manager

  • Turnover builds for testing are created from baselines generated using development packages in Serena Development Manager.

  • Turnover build is deployed to QA, who in turn deploys the turnover build to system integration testing.

  • QA staff test the build using Serena Test Case Manager, and submit defects into Serena Development Manager.

Release to Production

Serena Development Manager, Serena Release Manager

  • Management approve the project for release and transition it to the Release state in Serena Development Manager.

  • In Serena Release Manager, the Release Engineers define release and deployment tasks.

  • The release tasks and completed and the build is tested in staging. If it passes, it is deployed to production and the project is closed.