Content and Format Overview

This document includes a series of diagrams that illustrate the domain model for the related elements of the complete, end-to-end application lifecycle management scenario as implemented by Serena Software. These diagrams lay out the different types of objects that comprise the Serena solutions for each of these domains (such as development management and release management). The objects are simply the components that each domain includes. For example, development management includes change request and task objects. Every object is described for your reference. In this sense, you can regard this document as an illustrated glossary of Serena Orchestrated ALM concepts.

UML Notation Quickstart

The diagrams in this document use established UML (Unified Markup Language) notation. You will see the following symbols. It is important to understand what they mean.




Aggregated connection; items associated via an aggregate connection may exist independently of the connection object; the original object aggregates the connected object


Sits beside a related object; denotes that any number of that type of object may be related.


The object to which the arrow points inherits properties from the related object.


Sits beside a related object (see connector line); denotes that there may be anywhere between zero and one of the associated objects.