Development Packages


Development packages follow this workflow, out of the box, with Serena Development Manager. This can be tailored as needed to meet the needs of specific organizations.

  1. The Build Manager persona creates the package that will store the contents of the baseline to be built. The build manager then creates and verifies the baseline. If the baseline appears to include the correct requests and associated files, then the build is started. If the build succeeds, then the build can be sent to QA. If the build fails, then the build is returned to the initial state so that a new baseline can be created.

  2. The Quality Assurance persona receives the build and tests it. If testing fails, then the development package is returned to the initial state and the Build Manager must recreate the build after addressing issues. If testing is successful, then the build can be prepared for release.

  3. The Release Manager persona approves the development package for release and the workflow is complete. The release itself is then carried out using the Release Management workflows. See Chapter 6, "Release Management Domain Model" on page 37.

  4. At any time, a new Dimensions CM baseline can be created or built.