Development Change Requests Workflow


Development change requests follow this workflow out of the box with Serena Development Manager. This can be tailored as needed to meet the needs of specific organizations.

  1. The Development Manager persona plans the work. This includes requesting information from other resources, and either approving the request for work to start, or rejecting and closing the request.

  2. The Developer persona completes work on the request while it is in the "Under Work" state.

  3. The Build Engineer persona consumes the finished work once the developer declares that it is ready for build and test, and then runs a build.

  4. The Quality Assurance Persona then tests the built code. If the test fails, the request is returned to the Developer persona in the Under work state. If the test succeeds, then the request can be approved and closed.

  5. At any point in the workflow, development tasks and child change requests can be created, the request synchronized with an external test management system, or the request can be deleted.