Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management is a powerful, integrated portfolio management solution from Serena Software that helps people in your organization -- project managers, portfolio managers, resource managers, team members, executives, and other project stakeholders -- make better decisions, which helps to ensure maximum returns on the items your organization chooses to make. Using Project Portfolio Management, an organization can manage applications, projects, product initiatives, resources, and assets -- also called a portfolio -- in a manner consistent with the principles of best-in-class business practices. All of this can be accomplished in a single system that integrates, manages, and analyzes enterprise data.

Project Portfolio Management provides key benefits for the following user types:

Users who belong to these user roles will have access to the project portfolio tree, the Projects module, the Analyzer module, the Resources module, and the Workspace module. Not all users will have access to all of the features within these areas at all times -- how users get access to the various features of Project Portfolio Management and the projects your organization adds to the project portfolio tree depends on how your organization chooses to configure Project Portfolio Management and the licenses available to the users in your organization.

Another key role for Project Portfolio Management is the Administrator. Users in your organization who belong to the Administrator role are the users in your organization that are responsible for configuring Project Portfolio Management. Depending on your organization -- its size, project methodologies, and so on -- an administrator role can range from the traditional IT administrator to a project management office to a small group of skilled, hands-on project managers. The administrator role in Project Portfolio Management is a security group that enables access to the Administration and Configuration modules in which decisions can be made that affect your organization's global project portfolio.

Project Portfolio Management provides granular administrative tools through the use of the Project Portfolio Management Administrative and Configuration modules. An administrator is responsible for installing, setting up, and maintaining Project Portfolio Management. It is important that you understand how Project Portfolio Management works and how users interact with data. This information helps you understand how to customize Project Portfolio Management so that it properly captures the type of data that is meaningful to your organization and so that the Project Portfolio Management system is maintained while new users, project portfolios, and item types are added.

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