You can use the Timeline tab to view datasheet summary information (in the left pane) and timeline details for a datasheet (in the right pane). Milestones are displayed as diamonds in the timeline. You can change the information available in the Timeline tab by changing the starting or ending dates, by adjusting the timescale, or by changing the dimension upon which the analysis is based. Click Apply to recalculate the information.

Users who have access to the Timeline tab can select and clear the check box to the left of each row to include and exclude the corresponding row from the rollup data. By excluding rows, you can determine impact throughout the organization, including costs, benefits, and resources. The Show All Roles check box on the General tab of the New Datasheet and Datasheet Properties dialog box determines whether all rows, including excluded rows, are displayed on the datasheet.

The view toolbar in the Timeline tab contains a datasheet snapshot list. Select a snapshot from the list to display the data from the snapshot in the view. The navigation toolbar also displays the name of the snapshot you are viewing. If you are viewing the current datasheet data or snapshots are not enabled, Live is displayed on the toolbar.

When you are viewing live data in the Timeline tab, you can drill down to the Projects module views for a work item on a datasheet. When you click on a work item name in the Timeline tab, a drop-down list of the Projects module views opens. Select a view from the list to open the Projects module's view for the selected work item on a datasheet. The drill-down feature is not available when viewing data from a datasheet snapshot.

Viewing a timeline

A timeline can be viewed from the Timeline tab in the Reports module.

To view a timeline for a datasheet
  1. Open the Reports module.
  2. Select a datasheet.
  3. Select the Timeline tab.
  4. Select starting and ending date for the timeline you want to view.
  5. Select a dimension.
  6. Select a major and a minor timescale.
  7. Click Apply. This will recalculate the roll-up and calculated values in the timeline.