Release Planning

Release planning is an exercise of finding out which features that are defined in the product backlog will help the team meet its current release objectives, as defined by the product roadmap. In general, product owners use this view to manage the epics--a collection of stories that are too big for a single sprint--that the development team will work on during the release. Epics (and their related stories) can be grouped by themes, priority, and so on.

Product owners should work to ensure that a release aligns with the overall project's goals and business value. They will determine the release schedule (the number and frequency of releases), themes for the release, epics that support the themes, and the length of the sprints contained with the releases. In general, shorter releases require shorter sprints. Sprint lengths range from 1-4 weeks, and are usually on the smaller end of that range. A release plan should always be visible to team members.