Importing Resources

A resource is a user (people -- labor) that can be used by investments. This includes generic labor resources and a TBH (to-be-hired or unknown) resource. A resource manager is allowed to add resources and to create resource teams for actual and generic resources (a placeholder). The Resources module helps provide tools to resource managers for creating, managing, allocating, and securing your resources.

All resources are part of a hierarchical structure called the enterprise resource pool, which orders every resource (and resource team) in relation to its parent, peers, and children. All resources belong to resource teams. You should first import resource roles and resource teams before importing resources.

You can use the template to import resource data. Each row on the Resources tab of the template represents a resource that you want to import. Each column on the Resources tab represents an attribute (required or optional) that is used to define where the imported resource will be placed in the enterprise resource pool, what it's name will be, and so on.

The Resources tab has the following columns:
Column Description
Import Required. Values: True, False. Set this column to True to import the data contained in the row.
User Name Required. The logon name for the user. For customers who are using an on-demand version, this must include the domain, for example:
Resource Team Optional. A resource team to which this resource belongs.
Resource Type Optional. The type of resource.
Primary Resource Role Required. The resource's primary resource role.
Assign License Optional. Values: True, False. Set this column to True to assign a license to this user during import.
Security Group Optional. The name of the security group to which you want the user to belong.
First Name Required.
Last Name Required.
Email Required. The email address of the user. For on-demand customers, this column is identical to the User Name column.
Start Date Optional.
Address 1 Optional.
Address 2 Optional.
City Optional.
State Optional.
Zip Optional.