Importing Resource Teams

All resource teams are part of a hierarchical structure called the enterprise resource pool, which orders every resource (and resource team) in relation to its parent, peers, and children. Resources can be added to resource teams, which are nodes in the enterprise resource pool. Resources that belong to resource teams can be assigned and/or allocated to work items and tasks in investments.

You can use the template to import resource team data. Each row on the Resource Teams tab of the template represents a resource team that you want to import. Each column on the Resource Teams tab represents an attribute (required or optional) that is used to define where the imported resource team will be placed in the enterprise resource pool, what it's name will be, and so on.

The Resource Teams tab has the following columns:
Column Description
Import Required. Values: True, False. Set this column to True to import the data contained in the row.
Team Required. The name of the resource team.
Description Optional. The description of the investment as it will appear in the Description field of the investment's Summary tab.
Parent Team Optional. The name of a parent resource team in the enterprise resource pool.