Import Data

You can use the Import Data tab to download the template (a Microsoft Excel file) into which you can enter data about items, resources, resource roles, and resource teams, and then bulk import that data. Only users with the Import Data (View/Edit) permission will be allowed to import work item and resource data.

In the template, there is a tab for each of the types of data that you can import: Investments, Resource Roles, Resource Teams, and Resources. On each tab, a row represents a single item, resource role, resource team, or resource that will be imported.

This is a feature that can be a useful way to add data, especially during the configuration phase of your deployment. However, this feature, when used carelessly, can add a lot of unnecessary data into your environment. Permission to use this feature should be granted carefully and only to people who are capable of removing unwanted data, should it get imported.

Some important things to remember:

Downloading the Import Data template

Download the Import Data template (a Microsoft Excel file) from which you can import data.

To download the Import Data template
  1. Open the Tools module.
  2. Select the Import Data tab.
  3. Click Download Template.

Importing data using the Import Data template

You can import data by using a template (a Microsoft Excel file). You should keep the file size below 3 MB while importing data; files larger than 3 MB may not import successfully or may require multiple attempts.

To import data using the Import Data template
  1. Open the Tools module.
  2. Select the Import Data tab.
  3. Enter project information into the template.
  4. After you are finished entering project data on the projects tab in the template, click Browse and choose the file on your local computer from which you want to import data.
  5. Click Upload and Check.
  6. Click Finish.