Module Designer

A home page can be used to provide a daily starting point for members of your organization, including individual contributors, project and resource managers, portfolio analysts, and so on. You can use the Module Designer tab to create and modify home page layouts and to help provide a centralized view into the information that users in your organization need.

You can include many elements on a home page, such as datasheets, charts, logs, and work item assignments. You can also include pages that live in your organization's intranet and pages that live on the Internet. When users visit their home page, the elements that are included on the home page will be presented as view frames within the home page view. The layout for each user role determines the type of information that is displayed when users of that role view their home pages.

When working in the Module Designer tab, you can create a new home page from scratch or you can copy an existing home page and then modify it. The Module Designer tab has two panes: the left pane contains the layout control options and the right pane is were the home page view is created. There are three layout control options: General Options shows a list of roles, Views lists the elements that can be added to the home page view, and Properties displays the properties for the element selected in Views.

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