Log Views

A log view is essentially a list of log items found in the Projects module, such as risks, issues, or a customized view (such as escalations). It is a way for people in your organization to enhance the communicative process used to share information about items. For example, say you have a log view called Complaints that contains a log item describing a common customer problem. Several members of your team contribute discussion points about this log item until the decision is made to convert this log item from a Complaint to an Issue. After a meeting, the decision is made to create a Work Item from the Issue to address the problem. The work item is assigned to a resource who then fixes the problem.

To work with log views and log items, users must have the appropriate permissions. Each log view has corresponding permissions to view or edit, and actions such as Create Item from Log Item are also permissioned actions. With the appropriate permissions, users can interact with log views in several ways; they can:

If notifications are enabled for assigning or escalating a risk or an issue, all users that are subscribed to notification, and have the permission, "Can receive issue/risk notifications," will be notified of the change.

Log views are fully configurable. Existing log views, such as Risks or Issues, can be renamed, and new types of log views can be created.