Viewing chart properties

Charts belonging to a datasheet type cannot be created or edited in the Charts tab, even if you have permissions for editing charts in the Charts view. When you select a datasheet type chart in the Charts tab, the only actions available for the chart is view, regardless of your security role permissions. Users with the appropriate permissions can create and edit charts for datasheet types from the Datasheet Type Charts page.

The Chart Properties dialog describes information about a chart. This dialog appears when creating a new chart or when modifying the properties for an existing chart. Depending on the chart you are creating or have selected, different options will be available.

The following types of charts are available:
  • Advanced Bubble
  • Bar
  • Bubble
  • Burndown
  • Column
  • Gauge
  • Pie
  • Range Column
  • Stacked Bar
  • Stacked Column
  • Timephased Area
  • Timephased Stacked Column
Chart properties vary from chart to chart. Every chart has a name (required) and a description (optional). Depending on the chart, the following tabs may be available:
  • Attributes This tab allows you to define the attributes that display in the chart.
  • Axis This tab is used to determine whether major and minor grid lines are displayed on a chart for both the X axis and the Y axis.
  • Chart This tab is used to define general settings for the chart.
  • Timephase This tab is used to define a chart's timephase settings.
  • Gauge This tab enables you to set the properties for the attributes selected on the Attributes tab.

To view chart properties

  1. Open the Reports module.
  2. Select a datasheet.
  3. Select the Charts tab.
  4. Right-click the datasheet and select Chart Properties.