Substituting a resource

You can substitute a resources who have been allocated, including substituting generic resources for actual resources. For example, if you have a generic allocation for project manager at 300% (essentially three project managers), you can substitute three user resources at 100% each, six resources at 50% each, or virtually any other combination; you can also substitute one project manager at 100% and leave the other 200% allocated to the generic resource.

To substitute a resource

  1. Open the Resources Resources Module module.
  2. Select an investment.
  3. Select the Allocations tab.
  4. Select a resource from the resource tree and right-click to open the Resource Substitution dialog box.
  5. Select the Effective Date of Substitution. This is the date upon which the resource substitution will occur.
  6. Select the resource you want to substitute. Click to open the Find Resource dialog box.
  7. From the Resource Role to Use drop-down, select the resource role you want to associate with the allocation.
  8. Click OK.