Subscribing to a system notification

If your administrator has enabled it, you can manage your system notification settings from the Workspace module. You will only see notifications listed in this dialog box that have been enabled by your administrator. You are automatically subscribed to those notifications that the administrator has set as default notifications. However, you must subscribe to any enabled notification that is not set as default. Open the System Notification Settings dialog box to subscribe to them. If an administrator modifies a system notification's default status, your subscription choices may be overwritten. If you suddenly find that you are not receiving notifications to which you previously subscribed, you may need to subscribe again.

To subscribe to a system notification

  1. Open the Workspace Workspace Module module.
  2. Select the My Notifications tab.
  3. Click System Notifications to open the System Notification Settings dialog box.
  4. For each notification you want to receive, select the check box in the Subscribe column.
  5. Click Save Save.