Moving an agile work type

You can move agile work types around in the agile work heirarchy. The simplest way to move a single agile work type is to drag-and-drop it into the location in the heirarchy that you want it to be.

The Move Investment dialog lists all agile work types that you are authorized to view. The agile work types are displayed by default in a tree view that you can navigate just like the navigation pane in the Projects module. When you select an agile work type for a report or a notification, the selection applies to that agile work type and all agile work types below it in that branch of the tree view. When you select an agile work type for include/exclude or self-allocating activities, the selection applies only to that agile work type.

You can also enter in a word or phrase and click Search to display a list of agile work types that match your search criteria. You can easily alternate between the tree view and the search results by clicking the Show Tree or Show Search Results, depending on the current view.

To move an agile work type

  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. In the agile work tree, select the agile work type you want to move, right-click and select Move/Copy.
  3. In the Move/Copy Investment dialog box, select the location in the agile work tree under which the agile work type will be moved.
  4. Click OK.