Defining your personal calendar

Your calendar is based on the company calendar and modifying your calendar overrides the settings in the company calendar. You can modify the working and non-working days, the days in the work week, and the working hours per day. These settings help determine the your availability and capacity for their assigned tasks.

To define your personal calendar

  1. Open the Workspace Workspace Module module.
  2. Select the My Calendar tab.
  3. To mark a day as a vacation day select the date on the calendar and click Non-working.
  4. To mark a non-working day, such as a Saturday or Sunday, as a working day, select the date on the calendar and then click Working.
  5. To define a work week that is different then the company's work week, click Custom. Then select the days included in your work week and enter your working hours per day.
  6. Click Save Save to save your changes. The days selected in the calendar are marked according to the color grid.