Adding an item request page

An item request page is based on a custom summary view; before an item request page can be created, you must first design a custom summary page from which the item request page can be based.

To add an item request page

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the Types Setup tab.
  4. Select the IRP tab.
  5. Click New New.
  6. Name the item request page.
  7. Select the custom summary view to which the item request page is associated. The custom summary view determines the layout of the item request page's Web page. The layout of an item request page is defined on the View Layout tab in the View Designer tab.
  8. Click the ellipse button next to Investment Location and choose the item type that will be created when this item request page is used to request new item types.
  9. Select Email Address Required to require individuals who submit an item request to also provide an email address.
  10. Click Save Save. The Page URL is generated. This URL is the page from which users of the item request page will submit their requests for a new item.