Adding a single-object chart

A single object chart is an XML-based chart type that can be added to summary views and Home pages. Using a single object chart, you can quickly and visually represent several types of data for users.

The following visual shows a single object chart inserted into a summary view. The attributes used to render the chart are also placed on the view. The single object chart provides a quick visual reference for the user of this summary view.

The configurations for the single object chart are made in two XML-based properties in the View Designer tab:
  • BrandXML This property controls the visual display and color scheme of the chart.
  • ConfigureXML This property controls the data displayed on the single object chart.

Example files for both a pie chart and gauge chart type are provided. The files for the pie chart type are PESAlignmentPieSOChartBrand.xml and PESAlignmentPieSOChartConfigure.xml, respectively.

The pie chart type can easily be modified to render several other chart types, such as a bar chart and a radar chart, simply by changing the chart type in the XML.

The files for the gauge chart type are PESSOGaugeChartBrand.xml and PESSOGaugeChartConfigure.xml, respectively.

These files are located in your installation directory, by default at C:\Program Files\Serena\Mariner\Mariner\charts\config. You will need the appropriate files to paste into the Code Editor dialog box and then modify for your purposes.

To add a single object chart

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the View Designer tab.
  4. Under View Layout, select an item and a view to which you are adding a single object chart.
  5. Under Controls, select the Single Object Chart control and drag it to the layout pane.
  6. Under Properties, select BrandXML to open the Code Editor dialog box. Add the XML for the chart.
  7. Click Save Save.
  8. Under Properties, select ConfigureXML to open the Code Editor dialog box. Add the XML for the chart.
  9. Click Save Save.
  10. Click Save Save.