Adding a scheduled timesheet period

Timesheet periods are measured in days, occur at a specified frequency, and new ones begin on a date based on when a previous one ends. Timesheet periods are created on a schedule you define, for example every week, on Monday, beginning 01/07/2008. You can also set the number of future timesheet periods that will be opened automatically.

To add a scheduled timesheet period

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the Timesheet Settings tab.
  4. Select the Periods tab.
  5. Click Edit to configure the future timesheet period.
  6. From the Auto Open drop-down, select the number of time periods into the future that you want to open, the day of the week on which the new timesheet periods will begin, and the calendar date from which you want the new timesheet periods to take effect.
  7. Click Save Save.