Adding a resource team allocation

A resource team allocation is when you make an entire resource team available for work on an investment. The primary resource role of each person in the team is selected by default and cannot be edited. The resource team can be allocated to a task-based investment or activity-based investment. For task-based investments, the resource team needs to be allocated to the investment before resources can be assigned tasks.

To add a resource team allocation

  1. Open the Resources Resources Module module.
  2. Select the Allocations tab.
  3. Select a resource team in the resources tree, right-click and select New Team Allocation.
  4. In the New Team Allocation dialog box, select a resource role from the Resource Team drop-down.
  5. From the Investment drop-down, select the investment to which the generic allocation will be made. In the Select Investments dialog box, choose the investment and click OK.
  6. From the Status drop-down, indicate whether the generic allocation is Proposed or Committed.
  7. Click Plus to define how much and when a resource will be allocated. For each resource allocation, define the percentage of full time (% FTE), the start and finish dates for the allocation, and any comments specific to the allocation. (Click Delete Delete to remove a resource allocation definition.)
  8. Click Rates to define the rates associated with the allocation.
  9. Click OK.