Adding a resource role

A new resource role can be added. You can associate a list of skills to a resource role. When creating a new resource role, the associated skills and rates are added to the resource role. Labor attribute mappings and the calculations the often accompany them are highly dependent on resource roles. It is recommended that the permission to create and modify resource roles be granted carefully.

To add a resource role

  1. Open the Resources Resources Module module.
  2. Select the Resource Roles tab.
  3. Click New Resource Role.
  4. Type the name of the new resource role and add a description.
  5. Under Default Security Role and Rate, select the security role to which the resource role is associated and click Rates to define the rates associated with the role.
  6. Under Skill Membership, move the skills you want to associate with the resource role to the right column.
  7. Click OK.