Adding a resource allocation

A resource allocation is when you make a resource available for work on an investment. He or she can be allocated to a work item, task-based investment, or activity-based investment. For task-based investments, the user needs to be allocated to the investment before he or she can be assigned to a task.

To add a resource allocation

  1. Open the Resources Resources Module module.
  2. Select the Allocations tab.
  3. Click New Allocation.
  4. In the Resource Allocation dialog box, select a resource from the Resource drop-down.
  5. From the Investment drop-down, select the investment to which the generic allocation will be made. In the Select Investments dialog box, choose the investment and click OK.
  6. From the Role on Investment drop-down, select the resource role you want to associate with the allocation.
  7. From the Status drop-down, indicate whether the generic allocation is Proposed or Committed.
  8. Click Plus to define how much and when a resource will be allocated. For each resource allocation, define the percentage of full time (% FTE), the start and finish dates for the allocation, and any comments specific to the allocation. (Click Delete Delete to remove a resource allocation definition.)
  9. Click Rates to define the rates associated with the allocation.
  10. Click OK.