Adding a report

Add a new report. Open the New Report dialog box. Name the report. Set the parameters and define its update frequency.

To add a report

  1. Open the Workspace module.
  2. Select the Advanced Reports tab.
  3. Click New Report.
  4. In the New Report dialog box, type a name for the report.
  5. On the General tab, choose a template from which to generate the report, the investments from which report data will be generated, a description, and whether you want to run the report immediately upon saving it.
  6. On the Schedule tab, select Run this report on a schedule if you want the report to be run on a periodic basis. Define how frequently you want the report to be run, the format in which the report will be presented, and how many previous instances of the report you want to store.
  7. On the Recipients tab, select the users, security groups, and security roles who will receive a notification when this report is run and click Add.
  8. On the Template tab, enter the report notification's subject line in Title. Add custom attributes into the message body and subject line. Choose an attribute from the Insert Attribute drop-down and then click Into Template (for the message body) or Into Title (for the subject line). Click Into Template next to Insert URL Link to insert the URL of the summary view for the investment type from which the notification is sent.
  9. Click Save Save.