Adding a log type

Several out-of-the-box log types are included: discussions, risks, and issues. You can add custom log types.

To add a log type

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the View Management tab.
  4. Select the Log Views tab.
  5. Click New New.
  6. In the New Log Type dialog box, name the new log type. Select an icon with which to associate the new log type. You can allow items tracked in the new log view to be escalated, transitioned into item types, be assigned to resources, and become a work item.
  7. If you chose to allow the log view to be transitioned into an item type, under Allowed Conversions, select the item types into which this log type can be transitioned.
  8. Under Attribute Assignments, select the attributes that you want to associate with the log view.
  9. Click Save Save.