Adding a form

The forms that you create in the View Designer tab are the tabs that appear in the associated Summary tab. When you create a new form in the View Designer tab, the form is displayed in the Forms list in the View layout box of the View Designer tab, where it is available to be used in Summary tabs. When creating forms, you can:
  • Create a new form.
  • Add blocks of JavaScript code to the form by using the Script button.
  • Create a new form based on an existing form by using the Copy Copy button.
  • Rename a form.

To add a form

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the View Designer tab.
  4. Under View Layout, click New New.
  5. Name the form and click OK.
  6. Click and drag the appropriate attributes and controls to the layout pane and modify their properties as necessary.
  7. Under View Layout, click Save Save.