Adding a datasheet

Add a datasheet for most item types.

To add a datasheet

  1. Open the Reports module.
  2. Select the Datasheets tab.
  3. Right-click the navigation tree and click New Datasheet.
  4. Enter a name and select the datasheet type from which this datasheet will be based.
  5. On the General tab, define general datasheet properties.
  6. On the Columns tab, identify datasheet columns and column order.
  7. On the Filters tab, set up a filter for focusing the information displayed on a datasheet.
  8. On the Organize tab, determine how data is grouped and sorted on the datasheet.
  9. On the Time Views tab, define the properties for the Timeline and Timegrid tabs.
  10. On the Demand vs Capacity Filters tab, define the resource-based filters for the datasheet.
  11. On the Dashboard tab, set up the dashboard for the datasheet.
  12. Click Save Save.