Adding a constant attribute

Add a new constant attribute. From the Type drop-down, select constant. Choose a display value. A constant attribute can be dimensioned.

To add a constant attribute

  1. From the top-level navigation, open the Admin module.
  2. Select Customization.
  3. Select the Attributes Setup tab.
  4. Select the Attributes tab.
  5. Click New New.
  6. Name the attribute. The system name will be generated automatically.
  7. From the Type drop-down, select constant.
  8. From the Display Value drop-down, select float, integer, money, or percent.
  9. A calculated timephased attribute can be associated with dimensions. Under Dimensions, select Dimensioned and then choose the dimensions to which the attribute is associated. If you want to use a MathML calculation with the calculated timephased attribute, select Calculated and then click Calculation to open the Calculation Editor dialog box. Add the MathML calculation and click OK.
  10. Click Save Save.