Adding a chart

Create a chart to view data for any datasheet that has been saved and to which you have access.

To add a chart

  1. Open the Reports module.
  2. Select a datasheet.
  3. Select the Charts tab.
  4. Click New Chart New.
  5. In the New Chart dialog box, select a chart.
  6. In the New Chart dialog box, choose a chart: Advanced Bubble, Bar, Bubble, Burndown, Column, Gauge, Pie, Range Column, Stacked Bar, Stacked Column, Timephased Area, or Timephased Stacked Column.
  7. Enter a name and a description.
  8. On the Attributes tab, specify what you want to compare.
  9. On the Chart Settings tab, select how you want to view data in the chart.
  10. On the Gauge Settings tab, define the gauge properties and the scale with which you want to present data. This tab is only available for the Gauge chart type.
  11. On the Timephase Settings tab, choose from start and end dates, time periods, or if you want to sync the chart with a datasheet. This tab is only available for the Burndown, Timephased Area, and Timephased Stacked Column chart types.
  12. On the Axis Settings tab, choose major and minor grid lines. This tab is available for all of the chart types except Gauge and Pie.
  13. Click Save Save.