Custom Log View Reporting in Datasheets

You can present reports on a datasheet that show a project's risks and issues, and any other custom log views you have configured. These reports can contain data from view log items, can be shown as charts or lists. Report item details can be investigated by right-clicking.

Custom log view datasheets can be added to a Project in the same way as other datasheets. From the Reports module, select the folder in which to place the custom log view, then click Add and click New Log View Datasheet.

To report on custom log views, user must have the "Create new Log View datasheets" permission enabled for their security role. To set this role, click the Setup menu, then open the Security tab on the System Settings module. On this page, click the Projects permissions tab, and associate the Edit"Create new Log View datasheets" permission for the appropriate security role.

A video tutorial demonstrating custom log view reporting is available at