The Transition Properties dialog opens after you click Start or Properties in the Target column on the Transition tab in the Workflow tab. Use the Transition Properties page to define the destination for the item if the item's item type transition is approved, and the destination if the item type transition is rejected. You can also define the transition's expiration date, and add transition notes. Only the user that created a transition, or a user with administrator permissions for the Workflow view can access the Transition Properties page.

Editing the destination of a workflow transition

Workflow transition destinations are configured by an administrator; however, they can also be edited on a per-transition basis.

To edit the destination of a workflow
  1. Open the Projects module.
  2. Select an item.
  3. Select the Workflow tab.
  4. Select the Transition tab.
  5. Click a transition path and select Start.
  6. For the Destination if approved and Destination if rejected fields, click the ellipsis button to browse for the appropriate destination items. The Destination projects dialog dialog lists every item that you are authorized to view.
  7. Enter a word or phrase and click Search to display a list of matches for your search criteria.
  8. To alternate between the tree view and the search results, click Show Item Hierarchy or Show Search Results, depending on the current view.
  9. Select the location in the item tree under which to unarchive the item.
  10. Click OK.
  11. In Transition Expiration, set an expiration date.
  12. Click Save.