The transition Criteria dialog displays the criteria defined for the selected item type transition. The ball to the left of a criterion indicates if the item meets the criterion. Green indicates the item meets the criterion, and red indicates the item does not meet the criterion. Any item type transition criteria are defined by the your administrator in the System Settings module.

Viewing a workflow transition criteria list

Click the criteria icon for the transition path and open the Criteria dialog box. The Criteria dialog box shows the conditions that need to be met before an item can follow a transition path, including the status (shown as an icon to the left of the description) of each condition. A green icon indicates that the condition has been met. A red icon indicates the condition has not been met. All conditions must be met before a transition can be started. If a transition does not have any criteria, there will not be a criteria list.

To view a transition criteria list
  1. From the application toolbar, click Setup, and then select Configuration.
  2. Select the Workflow and Approvals tab.
  3. Select the Workflow and Approvals tab.
  4. Select a transition.
  5. Click the criteria diamond for a workflow transition.