The Work task plan table is used to to view work information, such as task durations, start and finish dates, task types, assignments, and scheduled work.

Work Fields Description

A duration is the total amount of time required to complete a task, based on a task's start and finish dates. A duration is always based on how a day is defined in the working calendar associated with the task plan. A day is defined (by default) as being 8 hours; therefore, a duration of 1 day in a task is 8 hours.

Effort Driven

Indicates whether the total amount of work required to complete the task is directly affected by the number of resources that have been assigned to it.


The date on which a task is scheduled to finish.


The name of a task (or a task plan).

Resource Names

The name of the resource (or resources) who are assigned to a task in a task plan.


The date on which a task is scheduled to start.

The task type; used to determine how work, assignment units, and durations are calculated for this task in the task plan:
  • Fixed duration The values for the task's start and finish dates are fixed values.
  • Fixed work The values for the work to be completed are fixed values.
  • Fixed units The values for the resources assigned to the task are fixed values.

The total amount of work that has been scheduled for a task.