The Summary task plan table is used to get a quick overview of task plan details.

Summary Fields Description

The amount of money that is spent to produce something of value. In a task plan, a cost is the amount of money that is spent while finishing a task. For example, a resource's hourly billing rate or the cost of renting a tractor (a material resource) for a day. A cost can be associated with a task, a resource, an assignment, or a task plan.


A duration is the total amount of time required to complete a task, based on a task's start and finish dates. A duration is always based on how a day is defined in the working calendar associated with the task plan. A day is defined (by default) as being 8 hours; therefore, a duration of 1 day in a task is 8 hours.


The date on which a task is scheduled to finish.


The name of a task (or a task plan).

Percent Complete

The progress made against a task (or a task plan), expressed as a percentage (of 100%).


The date on which a task is scheduled to start.


The total amount of work that has been scheduled for a task.