Calculation Editor

Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is an XML-based method of rendering mathematical expressions in Web pages. MathML consists of a number of XML tags which can be used to calculate equations. MathML is used for calculated timephase attributes and ranged calculated attributes. MathML calculations must be entered using the proper syntax and must call the XML names of properly formatted attributes.

Each MathML calculation must define the type of calculation that will be performed, the numbers or a variable to be included in the calculation, and a definition of any variable. The elements of a MathML calculation (including required container elements) are as follows:
    <math xmlns:mathml="">
        <bvar> <ci>a</ci>
        <bvar> <ci>b</ci>
        <apply> <plus/> <ci>a</ci> <ci>b</ci>
  <RHSVariable name="Total-Cost-Labor.Actual" identifier="a"/>
  <RHSVariable name="Total-Cost-Support.Actual" identifier="b"/>
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