This table contains data for all the users in the system. Users are people that are allowed access into the system. Access levels are determined by security roles and permissions.

Column Data Type Description
usr_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID.
usr_UserName nvarchar(100) The login name of the user. This name must be unique in the system.
usr_IsInactive bit Specifies whether a user is not active in the system and not allowed to login. An inactive user has a value of "1." An active user has a value of "0".
usr_FirstName nvarchar(300) The first name of the user.
usr_LastName nvarchar(300) The last name of the user.
usr_Domain nvarchar(100) The domain to which the user belongs (if applicable).
usr_EmailName nvarchar(300) The email address of the user.
usr_SendEmailNotifications bit Indicates whether or not the user can receive email notifications.
usr_DistinguisedName nvarchar(1024) If using LDAP, this is the distinguished name of the user.
For example:
SELECT usr_UserName, usr_isInactive FROM PES_User