This table contains the information about all the valid timephased attribute timescales in the system. The timescale specifies how the product will display timephased data. (Years, Quarters, Months, Days, Fiscal Years, Fiscal Quarters, Fiscal Months).

Column Data Type Description
tis_UID int A unique identifier. Every record in the table has a unique ID.
tis_Name nvarchar(50) Each timescale unit has a name, such as "Fiscal Year". This name is used in the various macros to display an attribute in a given timescale.
The values in these two tables are primarily used when specifying the timescale in a macro to display a timephased attribute. For example:
SELECT * FROM PES_MACRO_TIMEPHASE_ATTRIBUTES_TIMESCALE (tmp, obj_UID = 281, Currency, Calendar Year, 1/1/2006,12/31/2007, true)