The Reports module enables you to view and analyze item data at the portfolio level. This high-level view helps provide your organization both portfolio planning and portfolio monitoring capabilities. Portfolio managers and analysts can perform "what-if" analysis and comparisons, aggregate data across a portfolio to facilitate better decision-making, as well as track portfolio performance over time. This allows you to analyze and monitor your organization's portfolio data using datasheets. Datasheets are read-only spreadsheets in the Reports module that display data about any item in the associated portfolio.

Portfolio managers arrange columns on datasheets to provide logical data calculations, comparisons, and roll-ups. A datasheet can be used to analyze entire portfolios, or any item in a similar grouping, and can display different dimensions, units, and periods of data. Portfolios can have more than one datasheet, and any datasheet can be copied or moved to another portfolio.

You can use the Datasheets, Timegrid, and Timeline tabs to build and work with datasheets that illustrate the performance of your organization's portfolios at various levels.

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