This method records time in a resource's timesheet for a given assignment. The time reported is spread over the working days (as defined by the company calendar) between startDate and endDate, inclusive. In order to conform to the business rules for reporting time (i.e., no more than 24 hours in a day), it is possible that time for the assignment will be reported for days before the start date. If startDate and endDate are the same, then all of the time will be entered for that assignment on that date, unless it violates the business rules, then the method will work backwards a day at a time to try to allocate the time. If any time has been reported for this assignment, it will be overwritten by the time reported by this method. The parameters for the SubmitTime method are:

Parameter Datatype Description
token string The token returned by the Connect method.
assignmentId string The ID of the assignment to update.
startDate datetime Start of time period to report hours in.
endDate datetime End of time period to report hours in.
hours double The number of hours to report.
completed boolean Whether to mark the assignment as complete.