You can use the Datasheets tab to track and manage rolled-up values that reflect the current display of the view. Data can be displayed with the portfolio hierarchy, or it can be grouped by a specific box:

Datasheet rows can be excluded from the roll-up values by clearing the check box to the left of the row.

You can create datasheets in two ways: from scratch or basing one on a datasheet type. When you assign a datasheet to a datasheet type, all of the datasheet's properties and charts are defined for the datasheet by the datasheet type you select.

You can make any datasheet or datasheet type that you create a private datasheet, and you have the option of sharing your private datasheet with other users and/or members of a security group. When a datasheet is private, only the user that created the datasheet can view and modify the datasheet, unless you are sharing the datasheet. When you share a datasheet, the users and/or members of the security groups you assigned to the datasheet can also view and modify the datasheet.

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